‘Glee’ season 4 spoilers: Chord Overstreet talks big Kurt / Blaine moment

Chord OverstreetSo are Sam and Brittany going to survive through the end of “Glee” season 4? While there is no confirmation one way or another, some recent information seems to suggest that they will. After all, the finale is not set at the end of the school year, and there has yet to be any real tension to show that their relationship is on the outs. The only real test could come via the finale, when we’ve heard that there is going to be some sort of moment for Brittany and Santana.

However, we’re not really here to talk too much about this storyline, mostly since that is not what is getting most of the “Glee” publicity these days. Instead, it is the possibility of there being a story revolving Kurt and Blaine’s engagement. We know at least that Blaine is going to start looking at some rings, and Chord Overstreet tells The Hollywood Reporter in a new interview that while Sam would be supportive, he’d also try to be the voice of reason.  He said:

“Sam is one of those guys who’s a sweet guy and is always there for people — he’s encouraging and he’s wise beyond his years. He’s always supportive but he does try to be the voice of reason … If it were me and it was my friend about to propose in high school, I’d tell him to wait and see.”

While Sam learned earlier on in the season that Blaine actually has been harboring some sort of secret crush on him, the character made it clear pretty early on that he was not going to let that get in the way of their friendship. After all, it will surely go away completely if Kurt and Blaine get back together again.

What do you want to see from Sam moving forward to the end of “Glee” this season? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Also, check out the link here if you want to hear some music from Thursday night’s “Wonder-ful” episode.

Photo: Fox

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