ABC greenlights impersonation / singing show from ‘America’s Got Talent’ exec

ABCSummer television is a time in which the networks tend to highlight the ridiculous, and we have no other explanation to what in the world ABC must be thinking here.

It was announced on Monday that the network has decided to greenlight around six episodes of “Sing Your Face Off,” an adaptation of an international format all about celebrities deciding to do their best to emulate music icons. Basically, these stars try to learn the mannerisms of a certain star, dress up like them with fancy hair and makeup, and then try to impress a panel of judges (go figure) along with a studio audience.

In hearing about this concept, there were quickly a few things that managed to come to our mind:

1. Who is going to sign up for this, let alone try and sing their way to success? Does Gary Busey really need another job so quickly after “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice”?

2. Didn’t ABC learn last summer with “Duets” that their attempts at singing shows, no matter the variety, all fail?

3. Didn’t ABC learn in general that summer reality shows like this go nowhere fast? Just look at Fox with “The Choice” last summer, CBS with “3” or “Dogs in the City,” or ABC themselves with “The Glass House”? If you’re going to attempt something like this, it better be original.

There is at least some sort of reality pedigree here courtesy of “America’s Got Talent” executive producer Georgie Hurford-Jones, but we just can’t see this working. In order for a show to become a success in the summer, there either has to be huge production value or a unique gimmick. We don’t know if this one will have either.

If you want to read about some changes for “America’s Got Talent” moving forward, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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