‘Supernatural’ season 8 spoilers: The shape of things with Sam and Dean

SupernaturalAt the end of this past “Supernatural” season 8 episode, we saw something that could in some ways now be described as rather rare: Sam and Dean Winchester actually having a moment as brothers. While there have been times this season where the two have been on the same page, we have been forced to really balance those out with everything from awkward moments to full-on verbal warfare, which is pretty close to what we were receiving at the very start of the season.

So what can these two accomplish now that they are somewhat working together again? Speaking in a chat with Zap2It, executive producer Jeremy Carver really makes it seem like the brothers really do need to be on the same page desperately in order to take on what lies ahead:

“Given how the boys reunited at the beginning of this season, not on the best terms, the one thing that did unite them was this sense of revenge against Crowley and the demons … Now, we’re going to see things start moving pretty quickly and pretty wildly. A lot of balls in the air. The boys are really going to be constantly confronted with the idea of, ‘Okay, we want revenge, but how far are we willing to go? How much are we willing to sacrifice?'”

The one luxury they have is that while they can trust no one better than each other, there are still plenty of allies out there willing to lend a helping hand, especially if they can manage to get Castiel back to being himself rather than a minion for Naomi. They also have the luxury of having a couple of trials already completed, though the downside there is that Sam is starting to slowly unravel over what still remains for him to do.

Just in case this “Supernatural” scoop is not enough for you, be sure to also check out the link here to see some early details on the finale.

Photo: The CW

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