Ted Lasso season 3 episode 9 run time: What are we looking at?

Ted Lasso season 3What can you expect when it comes to the run time for Ted Lasso season 3 episode 9? After more expansive episodes the past few weeks, the show is scaling back.

While we’re not exactly going to say that this episode is as short as some of the ones from season 1, it is a little bit closer to what you would expect from a comedy.

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Today, Apple TV+ confirmed that this installment is poised to run for 44 minutes, making it one of the shortest this season so far. It’s weird to say that less is more with a show that so many people love, but there have been instances this season of certain installments being a bit too bloated when it comes to either the story or jokes that linger a tad too long. It has led to a little bit of uneven pacing, and we know that there has been assorted criticism of that.

Of course, we do also still think that Ted Lasso is one of the better shows out there, and we do think that there is potential for it to get better and better as time goes on the next few weeks. We are not that far from the finale, and that means opportunities to get answers to a few key questions. That includes whether or not Ted will stay in London, Nate can be redeemed, or if there is a chance Jamie Tartt can fulfill his destiny. Who would’ve predicted that he is one of the most evolved characters we have seen within the world of the show? We sure didn’t.

Yet, we do think that there are a few more major twists to come, and we think that some could be especially geared towards Keeley, whose relationship with Jack is seemingly on the outs. So what will that mean for her PR firm? Time will tell…

What do you think we are going to see coming up from Ted Lasso season 3 episode 9?

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