‘Big Brother Canada’ spoilers: Mapping out the road ahead

Big Brother CanadaAlas, “Big Brother Canada” live feeds are no longer at our disposal, but using the information that we have been given over the past several weeks, perhaps we have enough information now to really plan out some of the situations will lie ahead for the rest of the game should certain people each make it to the final two.

We should start things out here by saying that based on what we saw Sunday, the plan was for Emmett to cast a vote to evict Talla, and thus bringing someone to the final three in Gary that both he and Jillian fell pretty confident that they can beat at the end of the day. We’re still going to map her out as a possibility, though, mostly because she is still technically in the game and things can change at any given moment.

If Emmett wins final HoH – Without question, he is going to take Jillian. While Gary or Talla are beatable opponents, he’s better off with someone who has made a ton of enemies over the course of the game thanks to some of her lies.

If Jillian wins final HoH – She will easily opt to go with Emmet, much for the same logic. She may not have much of a shot at beating anyone, but Talla and Gary don’t have any enemies and we are looking at a pretty bitter jury.

If Gary wins final HoH – For sure, he will pick Jillian. He has the biggest advantage in that he not only knows what the jury thinks about her, but he knows what to say to get himself the votes. He will have immediate support of Topaz and possibly the Shield.

If Talla wins final HoH – First, hell will freeze over. Second, she would also take Jillian. Talla may not have a great chance, and she needs to rely on a bitter jury to get any votes at all. Jillian’s comments about her being unworthy of the money tonight were totally uncalled for, mostly because she’s still here after many of the greats have fallen. It doesn’t matter how you get there, just as long as you do.

The final 4 eviction will likely be shown Wednesday, and thus leaves the finale as the spot in which we will see the final eviction and also the announcement of the winner. If you want to see some “Big Brother Canada” spoilers from the time the live feeds went down, be sure to visit the link here.

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