‘The Good Wife’ season 4 finale review: Did you see Alicia’s big [spoiler] coming?

The Good WifeOn Sunday night’s season finale for “The Good Wife,” Alicia Florrick had several big choices to make. While some of them at this point are fairly cut-and-dry, the implications that go along with them may very well be what has a good many people out there talking for years to come.

So is Alicia really set to leave Lockhart / Gardner? That does seem to be the case. Her big move this week actually had nothing to do with Peter winning the election (which did happen), but rather the decision by Alicia to leave the firm, and to help start up one of her own with Cary. In many ways, this makes some sense. Why wouldn’t the wife of a governor have her own firm? She seems too big at this point to work for someone else?

Of course, it is also fair to wonder just what this big move could mean for her relationship with Will. The two certainly had an infatuation, but it was clear that there were some reasons to be hesitant based on the past. In a post-mortem chat with TVLine, executive producer Robert King also explained that Alicia’s move may have been brought on in part thanks to Will:

“She’s leaving Lockhart/Gardner because she needs to create distance between herself and Will … She knows the kiss has opened a door and the only way to close it is to get away from him.”

At the same time, we could see a good counter-argument being that in leaving the firm, Alicia has freed herself up from the bureaucracy of being with him down the road, if this is what she someday opts to choose.

What was your take on the “Good Wife” finale, and are you more depressed or thrilled by Alicia going her separate ways from the firm? If you want to read more news about the episode, you can do so over here.

Photo: CBS

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