‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2, episode 20 review: The Evil Queen cornered

Lana ParrillaIf there is one word that we would really used to describe Sunday night’s “Once Upon a Time” episode, it is “strange.” For it being one of the last three episodes of the year, it was weird how limited the focus was. There was nothing of Belle or Rumpelstiltskin in Storybrooke, and almost the entire story was geared around something involving Snow White and the Evil Queen that really failed to teach us anything that we did not previously know already.

In a move to try and destroy Snow from within, she used Rumple in order to transform into a Snow lookalike to get close to her. Instead, what we really saw was an example of how pure Snow really was, and how badly it made Regina want to change. Of course, we’ve been down this road before: As soon as she wanted to be a different person, her past actions came back to bite her.

Meanwhile, what we saw from Storybrooke was more interesting, mostly because we learned a little bit about what Tamara and Greg’s motivations are rather than just finding Greg’s father. Instead, they seem to be out to destroy magic in any form that they possibly can. What was a little awkward about this, though, was seeing Captain Hook decide to help them. Why would he help someone destroy his own kind? Wouldn’t they eventually also come back for him?

It also appears that Greg and Tamara are very smart when it comes to finding a way to cover some of their own tracks. Emma started to become suspicious of what was going on with these two, but her efforts to expose Tamara to Neal were futile. Not only that, but she came across like a woman desperate to try and make Neal’s new fiancee look bad.

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