FX’s ‘The Americans’ finale spoilers: First look at ‘The Colonel’

The AmericansThere are times in which we find the label “the best show on TV you’re not watching” to be a little bit cliched, but when it comes to “The Americans,” it may very well be the case. The first few episodes of the series were a little scattered when it comes to quality, and that plus a busy primetime TV schedule on the major networks may be causing this series to be slipping into the background. This is most unfortunate thanks to the sole fact that over the past several weeks in particular, the Keri Russell series has built momentum and entertainment value, and we are now convinced that Graham Yost has found himself another hit on FX to go along with “Justified.”

Before we do anything else, let’s start this piece off by sharing the synopsis for the finale entitled “The Colonel”:

“When Philip and Elizabeth are ordered to go through with a meeting that could potentially be a set-up, they find themselves confronted with unexpected truths about their relationship. Stan’s investigation puts him and the FBI even closer to Philip and Elizabeth.”

So why should you get into this series if you are not already? For one, it’s pretty easy to catch up on 12 episodes, at least compared to trying to sift through dozens of episodes of a network show. This episode (and two others this season) are also directed by Adam Arkin, who is an FX veteran who has done memorable episodes on “Sons of Anarchy,” including the episode where (spoiler alert!) Opie was killed, as well as “Justified.” It has some grittier tendencies to it, while combining the period drama of “Mad Men” and the political nature of “Homeland.”

Plus, “The Americans” has already been renewed for a second season, so there is no need to worry about diving into a show that is already canceled. The ratings have not been great, but FX is allowing for a chance to build. If you want to read more news related to “The Americans,” be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: FX

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