‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: The real target for eviction is…

Big Brother CanadaNow that we know the answer as to who won the Power of Veto on “Big Brother Canada” for the week, we can now figure out the next important thing: Who is getting sent home from the game. The following may surprise you, and we warn you that massive spoilers are ahead.

If you read our article earlier, then you already know that thanks to his Veto, Emmett is really responsible for who he wants to send home from the game. His choices are ultimately pretty simple: He either keeps Gary, or he keeps Talla. Both bring something different to the final three. For example, Gary is more of a challenge threat, but at the same time he is someone that Emmett in particular thinks will be able to beat since he has already been evicted before. Talla at least has some possible friends sitting over on the jury.

This is where we think that Emmett’s logic in this move is really terrible.  Why take a chance with Gary, when you have someone in Talla that you know cannot win a competition to save her life? Evicting her looks to be a plan, and we don’t get this. As a matter of fact, we see only a tiny sliver of a chance that the jury will vote to give Gary the grand prize simply out of spite. Does he deserve it? Maybe not, but you can argue that he played the hardest he could and he’s not in control of the fact that Canada voted him back into the game. The guy is fooling Emmett with his “I’m happy with third or second place” bit, and it is rare in this game that Emmett is buying into something like this.

Do you think that Emmett is making a mistake if he keeps Talla? If you want to read some more news courtesy of the “Big Brother Canada” house, be sure to check out the list here. Tomorrow’s the last day for the feeds, and we’re already sure that we will miss it.

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