‘The Voice’ UK review: Meet Colin Chisholm, Nate James, and Lareena Mitchell

The VoiceFor the fifth week of “The Voice” UK, there were times when it literally felt as though there were almost a million different singers trying out for the show. It felt like in order to justify the 80-minute run time, the producers had to shift in a number of bad acts for a few seconds … though there were at least one or two people who probably could have gone through over some of the people who got a chair to turn around.

We don’t have a take on every contestant that appeared on the show, mostly because not all of them had enough of a presence to really write about. These are the people that the show bothered to pay attention to, and many of them managed to move forward.

Jordan Lee Davies – Anyone who performs anything by The Darkness is someone that should be celebrated, and this guy was certainly an underdog. He looked like the complete opposite of his bodybuilder dad, and Danny O’Donoghue made him wait until the very end until heturned around.

Charlie Ryan – Anytime that we hear someone not named Marvin Gaye sing “Let’s Get It On,” it is an experience. We felt that Charlie had the notes right here, but there was something still missing when it came to the punch of emotion and power you want to hear in this song.

Aret Kapetanovic – Aret has a name that is pretty impossible to spell, let alone remember, however we totally dug the retro sound here, and she was far more deserving to get through than Charlie or most of the other no-chair recipients this week.

Cherelle Basquine – Personally, we thought that Aret was far better that Cherelle, who seemed out of breath for a good part of the song. With that being said, we’re not the opinion that matters, because Tom Jones turned around, and now the mother of two has a chance to push herself even further.

Ricardo Alfonso – A stage veteran who does have a little bit of that theatrical element to his voice, but also some incredible range. It was nice to see him get a break.

Alice Barlow – It’s interesting that Alice was featured heavily in the preview for this episode, but she didn’t get any back-story at all during the episode. Instead, she was a part of a montage of battles between Tom and Danny,

Katie Evans – One of the harder stories of the episode. Katie has struggled with substance abuse in the past, and she’s studying to become a midwife while simultaneously hoping to make her dream of becoming a singer into a reality.

Nu-tarna – We’re not sure that either one of these women are the best singers of the bunch, but they did have something else that made them rather endearing to watch. The energy was really what made will.i.am turn his chair around, and they have a real shot now with someone who knows a thing or two about groups.

Nate James – Nate had been on a major label before getting dropped, so he knows a little bit now about what it means to be a star. The guy’s voice is fantastic, but more than that the professionalism and stage presence are enough to get him pretty deep in the competition.

De’vide – Whoa! Who saw this coming? A rock / rap duo that received little airtime, but they are worth a mention as a part of Jessie’s team.

Lareena Mitchell – Lareena works in the difficult field of impersonation, so we really feel good for these people who are able to come on this stage and be completely themselves. She’s really perfect for Tom Jones’ team, since he knows big, soulful voices. (As for that “Full Monty” line, we don’t know about that…)

Colin Chisholm – This audition was a great way to end the blinds. He’s a guy who at 60, has been doing this for over five decades and has never had a break. Now, he has one with Tom, and we really feel that he actually has a voice to rival some of these younger singers.

Was there any artist this week that stood out to out in the middle of all the unsuccessful acts? If you want to also see some of the highlights from last week’s “The Voice” UK, be sure to click here.

Photo: BBC One

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