‘Britain’s Got Talent’ review: Asanda Jezile, Aaron Crow, Robbie Kennedy rule week 3

Britain's Got Talent“Britain’s Got Talent’s” third episode of the season was in our mind the best of the entire year. Not only was there some great judges’ banter, David Walliams being David Walliams, and some bad acts that were genuinely entertaining, but we also had some of our best performances of the entire season thus far.

Do any of these people have a genuine shot at winning the whole competition? We actually think so, even though none of them may necessarily go into the next round of a competition as a universal favorite.

Steven Jackson – Well, this man of a million impressions saw his dream end rather quickly on this show. It certainly is not much of a surprise at all, since this show for whatever reason has developed quite the habit of starting things out with the worst acts imaginable.

Linda Hewitt – In theory, someone dancing on roller blades could have been good. The problem is that it didn’t end up working like that.

Asanda Jezile – It’s hard to be critical of kids, especially one that seems so earnest about being the next Rihanna or Beyonce. The honest truth here is that she is not as great a singer as Beyonce (or even another young singer this season in Arixsandra), but she did do a pretty brilliant job of bringing the Sasha Fierce.

Diamond & the Ruff – What was with this singing act bringing a dog, who played no role in anything? Then again, the dog may have been the most talented one of the gang.

Bill McKechnie – Okay, so this line-dancer may not be a million-dollar act, but wouldn’t you want this guy at your party?

Luminites – This is the sort of group that Simon Cowell salivates over. Four young people with a distinct sound, and are raw enough that he can build them up and work on them. There’s just something so awesomely authentic about them, and they may be our favorite act of the entire season so far.

Mother & Son – We don’t have any idea what this was. Basically, the appeal of this act was that the mother was so bad as a singer that the song actually sounded pretty good, and he won the audience over. They did get a yes from David Walliams.

Dueling Pianos – This act is something we talked about in our preview article, and it is ridiculously awful. Two people who can barely play piano that stole the heart of David. He single-handedly mounted an entire campaign among the judges to get them through despite getting three buzzers early on.

Aaron Crow – Okay, scratch what we said earlier: This is the coolest act of the season. It’s just completely terrifying, dangerous, and unique. This man did not say a single word during the audition, was a genuine performer, and nearly killed Ant by cutting off a pineapple sitting on top of his head.

Robbie Kennedy -While there were a billion singers with guitars this season, Robbie was the sort of story the show loves. An ordinary guy who works as a bricklayer that is just starting to figure out there is talent here. He is extremely raw, is not the best guitar player just yet, and he had some performance jitters. With all of that being said, his voice is so fantastic and has the kind of grit that you can’t teach. If he gets the right training and the right advising, this guy could go very far in the competition.

Who was your favorite during “Britain’s Got Talent” this week? If you want to check out some more of our favorites this season, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ITV

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