NBC’s ‘Community’ season 4 finale spoilers: Is the darkest timeline here?

CommunityIt’s amazing that ever since “Remedial Chaos Theory,” an episode that really has to go down as one of the three or four best in the history of “Community,” the concept of the darkest timeline continues to find a way to come back. We had Evil Abed running amok at the end of last season, the idea has already been mentioned this time around, and some of the first photos from “Advanced Introduction to Finality” really feel at the moment as though they are the icing on the cake.

The first photo here seems to be Chang (not Kevin at this point, or so we figure since he can only keep this charade up for so long) sporting his best Napoleon outfit, as he is going to do just about everything in his power in order to take down the Greendale study group once and for all.

CommunityMeanwhile, we also have the return of who could be Evil Abed in this episode. How else do you explain the beard? It’s a little grayer than when we last saw it, but maybe this incarnation of Abed has been hardened through some terrible circumstances in the world. After all, it has to take a lot out of you to be this evil for this long, right?

CommunityFinally, the last photo that we have here is present just to help answer the following all-important question: Why is Annie dressed up here like she is about to hit up a red-carpet movie premiere? Also, how did she afford that dress? We know what happened the last time that she tried to take some of Pierce’s money.

What do you think about some of these photos, and do you have any specific hopes in mind for the “Community” finale? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Meanwhile, be sure to look here to read our full review of the Jim Rash-penned episode from this past week.

Photo: NBC

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