‘Britain’s Got Talent’ preview: David Walliams harasses Simon Cowell with Dueling Pianos

Britain's Got TalentThere are many reasons to appreciate a show like “Britain’s Got Talent,” but one of the reasons why this series in particular stands out from the variety-competition mold is simple: It has David Walliams on it. We’re pretty convinced that the man is an evil genius, and he only has two real goals in being on the show.

1. Trying to find an act that not only blows his mind, but will impress the Queen at the Royal Variety and be a success down the road.

2. Finding a way to make Simon Cowell as uncomfortable as humanly possible.

Simon and David are clearly rivaling Adam Levine and Blake Shelton of “The Voice” for the biggest bromance on reality television these days, and one of the best examples of their dynamic can be seen in the video sneak peek below from Saturday’s episode. We have an act that comes on stage in Dueling Pianos, and we are really doing them a massive favor in just calling them awful and being done with it. Neither one of them can actually play, and they look like two guys who got really drunk one night at a pub and thought this would be a funny way to get on TV (which is really how we imagine that a good many of these acts are born).

However, David livens things up by refusing to push his buzzer, and then walks over to Simon and tries to force him to dance and clap his hands. Somehow, David is allowed to touch Simon and get away with it more than anyone else in show business, though we also have a feeling that the big ratings for the show play a role in that.

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Photo: ITV

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