ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2, episode 19 preview: Emily’s bizarre chat with Jack

Revenge“Revenge” has taken some very strange twists and turns before, but we’re not sure if we have really thought of anything quite as weird as seeing Daniel Grayson’s ex, who fooled around on him with his own father Conrad, suddenly spending time with a man in Jack Porter who the Graysons basically destroyed. Meanwhile, Emily Thorne, who has a history with Jack, stopped by to talk with him, but he was too upset over her relationship with Daniel to really even bother with her.

Sound confusing? It really is, and we don’t quite understand where this cycle could end. We’re rather curious to find out just why Emily thought she would get any different results in visiting Jack. After all, didn’t she realize at some point that this is probably how the guy was going to feel? He certainly was not going to be happy with the idea of her suddenly being with a man that he hates, regardless of whether or not she says that she is still trying to look out for Amanda Clarke’s best interests.

The odd man out in this discussion right now is Aiden, otherwise known as the man Emily really wanted to be with back when all of this newest round of Daniel drama started. Does she really feel the same way that she did then? For the time being, that is a pretty significant question, and one that we’re hopefully going to figure out before all of this story comes to a close for the season.

What do you think of this video, and can you completely understand why in the world Jack is feeling the way that he does? If you want to view another video sneak peek that also focuses on Emily and Daniel, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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