‘Game of Thrones’ season 3: Alfie Allen on the challenge on spoilers

Alfie AllenWhile being on “Game of Thrones” has to at times be like being in the middle of a secret spy mission, for Alfie Allen this season it was astronomically harder for him than just about anyone else. While most of the other actors could at least openly admit to the fact that they were filming the show (mostly since it was hardly a spoiler), Allen had to stay silent about everything. His character of Theon Greyjoy does not appear in the George R.R. Martin book in which season 3 is based on, and thus no one expected him to be present. However, he is, and we have already seen him be the focus of several brutal torture scenes.

So how did Allen manage to keep this delicate subject of his participation on the show a secret? In an interview with Rolling Stone, the actor admits that he did have some help in making it happen … though mostly in the form of HBO keeping him from being able to communicate at official press events:

“I’m really bad at keeping secrets, so it was pretty hard. There was a press thing going on after the premiere in L.A., and I wasn’t allowed to go on that. You know, it’s got its positives, but it’s quite annoying having to keep tight-lipped about it. Then again, playing the game is quite fun.”

Another part of playing the game? That fans have to guess about what is coming up ahead for Theon. Allen is of course unable to say much of anything about the show, and thus it is left open completely to fans to speculate about.

Even though Theon’s story may be a tad convoluted at the moment, are you still enjoying its trajectory thus far? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below! Meanwhile, be sure to also visit the link here if you want to take a look ahead at Sunday night’s new episode “Kissed By Fire.”

Photo: HBO

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