‘Bones’ season 8 finale spoilers: Emily Deschanel on Pelant’s power

BonesIf there is one week that seems to take longer than just about any other one during the year, it is the one that happens right before the finale of one of your favorite shows. You know that whatever happens during the episode that it is going to frustrate you for pretty much the entirety of the summer, and you really just hope that it is something satisfying enough to make it worth the wait.

So are we going to get what we bargained for with the end of “Bones” season 8? We know that there is some Booth and Brennan marriage talk coming up, and if that is not enough to make you excited / nervous about this, just remember that we are also going to be seeing the return of the show’s most infamous adversary in Pelant. Is he going to inflict even more carnage than usual this time? Based on what series star Emily Deschanel recently told Entertainment Weekly, it sure sounds like it:

“I think [the episode is] emotional for everybody. The victims — there may be multiple victims — have connections to the FBI and Booth and Booth…knows the victim well. So it’s a big deal … [Pelant] has unlimited capabilities at this point and that’s pretty terrifying when you think about a brilliant, evil person with all those resources.”

“Heart-pounding” ultimately may be the best way to describe this, but we can at least celebrate the fact that the show has already been renewed for a season 9, and there is thus no reason to have anxiety about this. Now, we just have to hope that all our beloved characters get to live to see that moment play out.

Just what sort of carnage do you expect Pelant to create on this finale? If you want to read some scoop on a different aspect of the “Bones” finale in Booth and Brennan’s relationship, you can do so just by paying a visit over to the link here.

Photo: Fox

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