‘Once Upon a Time’ season 2 finale spoilers: Can Storybrooke come together?

"Once Upon a Time" - CastIf there is one thing that we know for sure about Storybrooke on “Once Upon a Time,” it is that this is a town where no one can seemingly get along for a lengthy span of time. Then again, there is also some explanation for that. Regina continues to perpetuate her war with Mary Margaret, most of the town hated her even when she was trying to fight for the good team, and there is a constant fight over Henry that has jealousy and maternal instinct firing off in all cylinders.

But is there something that could unite the Charming clan and the Evil Queen? Maybe not to this extent, but executive producer Adam Horowitz tells TV Guide that we are likely to at least see everyone from Rumpelstiltskin down to Henry on this family tree team up during the season 2 finale:

“This season has been about this reluctant family who has been torn asunder and pulled in 15 million different directions by circumstance, who at the end of the season must find some way to come together.”

So what are they coming together for? The obvious guess would be to stop Regina, since she’s not really related by blood or marriage to any of the Charming clan. If she is teaming up with them as well, though, it’s possible that the common foe could be the duo of Greg and Tamara. These are the two that seem to really be out for the town’s destruction, and for the time being this seems more like a pressing threat than anything Regina seems to be capable or willing to do.

Do you think there is any way that the entire town could band together with a common goal in mind? If you want to watch specifically what Regina is up to on Sunday night’s episode, be sure to head on over to the link here.

Photo: ABC

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