‘Best Ink’ season 2, episode 4 review: Outside the box

Best InkWhile there have been times over the past several weeks where we have been obviously critical of “Best Ink” as a series, whether it be for playing the emotional card or the bottom three voting that is designed mostly to create drama between the contestants, we do have to give the show credit when it comes to the originality of their ink challenges.

Earlier this season, we had a style that we had never really seen before in infrared tattoos. Meanwhile, this time around there were abstract pieces that had to be created with some sort of musical theme. This of course meant listening to some sort of sad story from the skins, which would probably feel like less of a downer were there some more variety beyond just someone dying.

Some of the tattoos this week were quite frankly gorgeous, and what we love best about this competition is proving that tattoos can be so much more than what people expect. We’ve felt Teresa to be the likely winner ever since the first episode, and we don’t stray from that at all this week with something that genuinely felt like body art. The winner for the challenge ended up being DJ, and we certainly can’t argue with it. We wish that we could describe all of the visual metaphors that were within his tribute to music, but we would probably be here all day long.

In going towards the elimination, what this taught us above all is that the flash challenge results really do not mean anything. Dollarz was declared the “winner” of this with a guitar design that was smart, but not exactly that artistic or original. Meanwhile, his tattoo was just the weakest of the bunch, and it’s been apparent for a few weeks now that he is not ready for the weight of this competition just yet. This doesn’t mean that he is a bad tattoo artist, though; he just has little experience, and we don’t really understand why the casting producers didn’t tell him to come back in another year or two when he would have been able to compete at a higher level.

Do you think that it was time for Dollarz to leave, and who are you hoping to see win now? If you want to check out review of last week’s new episode of the show, be sure to hit up the link here.

Photo: Oxygen

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