‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9, episode 22 preview: Are Callie and Arizona in trouble?

Jessica CapshawWith there only being two episodes left on “Grey’s Anatomy” season 9 until we arrive to the finale, you can count on one thing happening more so than anything else: A storm of drama coming at us in pretty much every direction.

Let’s start first of all with a story that really is coming at us out of nowhere: Another woman possibly getting between Callie and Arizona. Why inject the drama now, especially when we’ve seen these two work so hard to get their physical relationship back on track? What we may be looking at here is just a situation where Jessica Capshaw’s character, who has felt extremely self-conscious for quite a long time after losing her leg, doesn’t really discourage someone hitting on her, even if she has no intentions of hooking up with them.

As for the other stories, the tension between Cristina and Owen over whether or not they have a child will finally come to the forefront once again. We long had a feeling that this is where the Ethan storyline was going, and now it is staring Cristina down in the face. She knows that if she doesn’t want a kid and Owen does, there may be no need to continue their relationship at present. She’s going to have to make a choice soon.

Finally, Bailey is going to continue suffering in the wake of the CDC investigation, and it’s hard to feel anything other than heartbreak and sympathy for her.

Do you think Arizona is really going to cheat on Callie, or is this some very intense misdirection on the part of ABC’s promo department? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and if you want to check out some more scoop on the finale, you can do so over here!

Photo: ABC

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