NBC’s ‘Community’ season 4, episode 11 review: Donald Glover (as Abed) is brilliant

Dean PeltonThere have been times on “Community” this season where we have questioned some things the show is doing, in particular with some of the earlier episodes that were quite frankly dull as dirt. We wish that the show had led off with some episodes like Thursday’s “Basic Human Anatomy,” as it was without a doubt our favorite of the season. Not only that, but it could hold its own against some of the average episodes of the Dan Harmon era, even if it falls short of the classics.

First, let us eulogize the bizarre but appropriate way in which Britta and Troy broke up with Troy and Abed swapping bodies as a “Freaky Friday” tribute. What was great about the way Jim Rash wrote this was that the bit was fully committed until the end, and the illusion of fantasy was kept. Meanwhile, what was also great was the reasoning behind it: Troy was scared to break up with Britta, and he thought it would be better if it was Troy within the body of Abed. (How brilliant were Donald Glover and Danny Pudi as each other?)

In eulogizing Britta and Troy as a couple, we are sad to see them end, but largely because the show never really did anything with their potential. The new showrunners did not really give us any buildup to the coupling this season, and it was thus hard to tell stories about them.

The other story that was particularly roll-on-the-floor funny was Rash giving himself a great Dean story, as he pretended to switch bodies with Jeff, even if Jeff didn’t want anything to do with it. That led to the Dean actually becoming so committed to it that he forced Leonard to give up his valedictorian spot, and we got a great “shut up, Leonard” line to boot.  Our conclusion at the end of this? That Rash should write as many episodes as humanly possible.

What did you think about this week’s “Community”? Was it the best of the season from your standpoint? If you want to hear what the show’s bosses have to say about the upcoming finale, you can do so over here.

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