‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: Emmett, Jillian, and Gary’s eviction decision

EmmettWe’re going to get to posting our weekly “Big Brother Canada” rankings in a second, but we have to start off with a surprise. After thinking for 100% that Andrew was going to leave the game tonight, there is starting to be some ambiguity at the last second. The real reason for that is simple: Jillian and Emmett realize that they may need a strong player to take out Gary, and on the flip side, Gary needs a strong player to take out Jemmett. Talla, fun as she is, is rather useless when it comes to competitions. There’s also the question of jury votes, and Andrew will not vote for either Emmett or Jillian to win if they evict him unless he has to.

We still expect Andrew to be sent home, but this is one of the only weeks all season where we are leading up to the live eviction with full confidence as to who is leaving the game. This is reflected in our rankings. (Update: As it turns out, we’re hearing there was no double eviction tonight. Duly noted.)

5. Andrew (last week: 4) – There is a good case to keep him in the game, but the truth is that Jillian and Emmett are probably over thinking this at this point. Jillian’s probably not going to win regardless, and you have to take him out at some point. With Emmett not eligible to play in the next HoH, this is the best move for the showmance to ensure that they stay in power.

4. Talla (3) – The only real benefit to getting rid of Talla is if you are afraid of someone else in the game, and want to have more power to take them down. There are concerns about her working with Gary, and it’s pretty clear that Gary and Andrew are not.

3. Gary (not ranked) – Last week, he was out of the game, and now he’s in a good spot going into the first eviction. However, the double-eviction complicates things. We don’t see him making the final three unless he does win one of the two competitions, and we’re rooting for him take the Veto just so he can ensure that there is a big move made in the latter half of this season. Nothing against Jemmett, but their dominance is dull.

2. Jillian (2) – She’s got a great chance to get to the end, but a very tiny chance at actually winning. It’s ironic that she’s thinking about Talla, since she and Gary are the only two she has a chance of winning against.

1. Emmett (1) – Emmett has played a pretty incredible game all season long. He’s managed to deceive, but has done so in a way where he hasn’t lost that genuine quality. You can’t ignore the importance of that in a largely social game. While he is at risk tonight, he has Jillian playing for HoH, and both of them for Veto. Heck, Andrew could even be crazy enough to keep him if he stays and wins something.

Who do you want to see evicted from “Big Brother Canada,” and can you really imagine Emmett or Jillian not winning this season? If you want to read some more scoop from the live feed about Gary, be sure to click here.

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