ABC’s ‘Revenge’ season 2: Watch Gabriel Mann, Andy Cohen ‘hug’ it out

Gabriel MannThere are really all sorts of reasons to love Gabriel Mann, but the video below is going to especially highlight something that you do not necessarily have many opportunities to see on “Revenge” these days: his sense of humor.

Mann appeared this week on “Watch What Happens Live,” and he quickly learned that the show’s host in Andy Cohen has quite a fascination with the hugs that some of these characters give each other on the show. Basically, the only way to describe these is that it appears at first as though two people are about to wrap each other in a loving embrace, only to later look into the camera as though they are about to murder someone. One of the best examples of this was clearly Emily and Daniel embracing while Victoria watched on, though Victoria herself has been involved in a great hug with Emily’s mom.

On the late-night talk show, it was Gabriel’s turn to be involved in a hug, as he showed Andy how to pull one off. His facial expression was actually rather creepy / hilarious, whereas Andy looked like he was playing a game to see if someone could throw popcorn in his mouth. Regardless of whether or not you find the silly moment as funny as we do, you have to like the fact that “Revenge” is getting a little bit of press, something the show needs to keep up its ratings leading to the last episodes of the season.

How much do you appreciate Mann going along with this, and do you think Nolan is finally going to get a win before “Revenge” is over for the year? If you want to watch another video that is actually a preview for Sunday night’s episode, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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