‘The Following’ finale spoilers: Assorted teases from James Purefoy

The FollowingWe don’t need to tell you at this point that Monday night’s season finale for “The Following” is going to be intense. Odds are, you have already seen the last 14 episodes, and know just what the Fox series is building up to: An epic showdown between Ryan Hardy and Joe Carroll. Is it going to be their last stand? That is what is still unclear. There’s only so long that viewers are going to want to watch Hardy chase after one villain, especially since it further steps over the bounds of realism to have a serial killer out there for years on end without a capture.

The teasers we have to share now from James Purefoy (via E! News), are vague at the moment, but nonetheless insight.

1. The episode is set to be rather explosive, and we are both looking at a literal and figurative sense here. Things are going to go kaboom.

2. The stories particularly worth watching right now are the showdown between Ryan, Joe, and Claire, and also what happens to Agent Parker after she is buried alive. The scariest idea that we can think of is of Ryan being forced to choose between his partner on the force, and his former romantic partner, and that may be a situation he is faced with.

“The Following” was renewed for a second season thanks to an incredibly consistent performance on a competitive Monday-night lineup. Not only that, but the series has proven to be a beast in DVR viewing, and it has a devoted and established audience, to boot.

What do you think is going to happen during the finale? Who’s your top pick to die? If you missed the first promo for this episode earlier in the week, you can check it out just by clicking here.

Photo: Fox

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