‘Grey’s Anatomy’ season 9, episode 21 preview: Ellen Pompeo to the rescue!

Ellen PompeoOver the past few episodes, “Grey’s Anatomy” has started to present to us some of the trials and tribulations that come with the Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital being run by someone in Jackson who is inexperienced compared to some of the senior staff, and is also learning on the fly.

With that, of course, comes some major problems … including when not all of the doctors at the hospital are willing to listen to him. In the sneak peek below for Thursday night’s “Sleeping Monster” (the second that we have received from this episode), Jackson is doing his best in order to try to figure out how to handle a pretty devastating situation with Dr. Bailey: two patients are dead thanks to a post-op infection, and all evidence points to her being at fault. So what does he decide to do? Freeze her out from her patients, and let the Center for Disease Control come in and determine what to do next. It may be cold and a bit calculated, but it may also be the right move in order to ensure a safe work environment.

However, not everyone else is on board with this plan … in particular Meredith. Ellen Pompeo’s character is taking a more human approach, saying that keeping Dr. Bailey from reading her patients’ charts is not going to really help the situation at all, and he also blames Jackson for calling the CDC a little earlier than he had to. While we hope to have an answer to what happens next with Bailey by the end of the hour, who knows if that will really come?

For now, it’s best to expect the worst (after all, this is a Shonda Rhimes show) while also hoping for the best. If you want to see what Chandra Wilson has to say about this episode, be sure to visit the link here.

Photo: ABC

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