NBC’s ‘The Office’ season 9, episode 20 preview: Andy’s ready for his closeup

AndyYou get yourself an agent, and this is apparently who you become. Who knew? Thursday night’s new episode of “The Office” is the first of several leading up to the series finale, and for whatever reason, the sneak peek that NBC chose to actually hand out of the installment is all about Andy Bernard (they’re probably saving the best parts for the actual show).

You see, for whatever reason the writers and producers are still convinced that Andy’s story is one we are fully invested in at this point, especially since it really just looks like he is getting hosed out of money by Roseanne Barr’s character of Carla Fern. We’re not necessarily sure if he needs a happy ending, but we expected to see one that was surely happier than this.

In the clip, Andy is under the impression that he is getting asked for a “star photo” by some woman that is at a filming location, but instead she is just trying to photograph his hair in the event that it gets burned off. It appears as though Fern has found him some work in some sort of science documentary; it’s either that or she’s just got him a job working in some lab, and is trying to pretend like it is something more than it is. (Then again, the idea of Andy working on a documentary within a documentary would be very meta … and something that the show’s Thursday-night companion “Community” would almost surely bow down to.)

What do you think about this video, and do you think that there is any chance at all that Andy becomes a “star”? If you want to take a look ahead at the series finale, be sure to check out what executive producer Greg Daniels has to say here.

Photo: NBC, video via SpoilerTV

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