Star Trek: Picard season 3 episode 10 preview: The series finale

Star Trek: Picard season 3

Next week on Paramount+, Star Trek: Picard season 3 episode 10 is here… and it marks the emotional series finale. “The Last Generation” is its title, and it is honestly still hard to believe that we’re here.

With that being said, isn’t there something worth celebrating about going out on such a tremendously high note? Think about it like this: This has by far been the most well-received season of the Patrick Stewart series and in so many ways, it has fulfilled the vision and hope we had from the start. The Next Generation appearances feel substantial and not just mere cameos, and the entire story has offered up a deep, intelligent look at Jean-Luc’s life and legacy. It is what makes saying goodbye now so hard.

So what will be coming up? We almost hesitant to say, and we should note that Paramount+ is not releasing a whole lot of information in advance here, either. We do feel confident that there will be closure to most major storylines, largely because this ending was planned out long ago. We knew from the moment it was ordered that Star Trek: Picard would not be around forever; its time in existence is so very much a gift.

(Does anyone else get emotional still thinking about when Sir Patrick first announced that Picard would be returning years ago?)

The obvious challenge for the finale is simply that there are so many characters and plotlines introduced this season; how do you resolve them all? This is where we root for an extended run time. Or, if not that, enough context to make us interpret a few things for ourselves. Not everything in life, or the Trek universe, is always tied together neatly.

We’re going to miss this show … but also, we are so tremendously grateful for its existence.

What do you want to see on Star Trek: Picard season 3 episode 10, and are you shocked the series finale is already here?

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