Power Book II: Ghost season 3 episode 5: Lauren twist ahead?

Power Book II: Ghost season 3As many of you more than likely know at this point, Power Book II: Ghost season 3 episode 5 is a matter of days away — and you better believe that there is chaos to come. Historically, fifth episodes have been huge turning points for this franchise, and we have a hard time thinking that this one is going to be any different.

From our vantage point right now, there is one character to watch for at the center of everything, and they could be poised to have a huge role in whatever twist or turn coming: Lauren Baldwin. After all, how can it not be her?

For the first four episodes of this season, the character has been stuck in witness protection, living on her own and only visited by Jenny here and there. Yet, we know that Saxe has been questioning her as of late about some of her secrets, and there is at least a chance that he finds out about this. With that being said, what would he even do if or when he learns? The bigger danger is if someone like Davis ends up learning about it; or, of course Tariq St. Patrick himself.

No matter what happens with Lauren the rest of the way, it is really hard to imagine her trapped and away from the cast all season long. Yet, it is also true that she is so much safer in her safehouse than on the outside. If Effie or Brayden see her, they’ll almost certainly kill her. For Tariq, things are a little bit more murky, and that’s where things get more complicated.

If Michael Rainey Jr.’s character learns the truth about her being out there, let’s just say that almost the whole world around him blows up. That’s about the most tantalizing tease we can possibly get, so we will see where the story goes from here.

Just remember that there is also a Power Book II: Ghost season 4 coming — they don’t have to rush anything along here!

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What do you think we will see from Lauren moving into Power Book II: Ghost season 3 episode 5?

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