Succession season 4 episode 3: Why is Willa marrying Connor?

Succession season 4Entering tomorrow night’s Succession season 4 episode 3 on HBO, there are so many things to be excited about. There’s a wedding! Granted, there is a chance that this could be one of the messiest weddings in recent memory.

After all, go ahead and consider this: Connor and Willa are far from your perfect couple. As strange as it may seem, however, we do think that they still love each other in their own unique way. They just also have some other motivations. Connor realizes that being married helps his political career, and Willa does have aspirations of her own — ones that require some of the Roy family fortune.

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Speaking to TV Insider, Alan Ruck does a good job advising us of why Willa is intent on having this wedding happen … though she may have some worries about the money going into his seemingly-DOA Presidential campaign:

“She’s got some aspirations in terms of writing plays and producing them … Connor has been her angel in the past, and I think she wants to continue doing that. So she’s a little worried about where’s all the money gonna go… It’s still definitely a consideration for her.”

Our hope is clearly that we’re going to have a chance to see at least a couple of moments this weekend that show that these two can make it work — weird as it may seem, we actually think they stand a better chance than some other couples in the Succession world. It helps, at least in part, that they are both entering this marriage reasonably aware of what it is. Also, we’ve seen Willa stand up for him here and there — sure, she may also become a bit frantic about the pageantry and the pressure of a wedding, but we don’t even have all the info about what she was up to on this past episode.

Let’s hope that this is a wedding to remember — also, remember that there are only eight episodes to go until this season, and the series, wrap up.

What do you think we are going to see entering Connor and Willa’s wedding on Succession season 4 episode 3?

Be sure to let us know in the comments! Once you do just that, remember to come back around for some other updates down the road.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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