ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5, episode 21 review: Did Beckett [spoiler] another guy?

CasteIf there is one word that we could use to describe Monday night’s “Castle” season 5 episode, it would be “jealousy.” Of course, the massive irony present here is that Castle really set up himself up to feel jealous based on some of his own behavior. Six months ago, do you really think that he would have ignored Beckett in skimpy clothing just so he could keep playing a video game? While games are awesome, there’s a time and a place!

The mystery for this week was mostly relevant in that it played directly into the show’s principal relationship. Beckett was assigned to shadow a billionaire named Eric Vaughn after it looked as though someone was making an attempt on his life, and this turned out to be much more difficult than it seemed. Not only was he reckless, but he also had an eye for the ladies … and Beckett. He tried to work his charms on her, while making Rick absolutely insane every step along the way.

The biggest moment for the entire episode came when he tried to kiss her, which was that moment that could have decimated “Caskett” forever. However, she ended up pushing him away at the last second, and in turn ironically ended up saving his life. The continued near-death experiences for Vaughn actually made Castle start to believe that he was the guilty party, though it was instead someone more involved in the day-to-day of his company. So at the end of the day, Beckett had an opportunity to turn Eric down without him being a criminal, and she went back to Castle in the end.

This story did come to a reasonably-happy conclusion, as Castle realized that he was taking advantage of her and vowed to make it right. However, there was also another problem that came into picture: Where are the two really going? There’s still no talk of marriage or the future, and Castle still has yet to open up. Those things that Meredith warned Beckett about earlier this season, they are surely going to come up again before the finale.

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Photo: ABC

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