‘Game of Thrones’ season 3: Emily Clarke reacts to Dany’s [spoiler]

Emilia ClarkeDepending on how big of a Danaerys fan you are, Sunday night’s “Game of Thrones” episode may have caused you to shout impromptu swear words at your TV. It was fast-paced, thrilling, and certainly in a word shocking. Dany going back on her “deal” really felt almost like it was the sort of thing we really should have seen coming, but for whatever reason it still came as a complete surprise (unless you are of course a major fan of the book series, and in that case you may have just beamed in excitement over seeing it play out on TV).

Of course, there may not have been anyone more excited for this scene then Emilia Clarke, who surely had quite a fun time taking power into her own hands. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actress had the following to say about Dany’s move, and how important it could be in the lifeblood of the series moving forward:

“Up until that moment, she’s relied on everybody else’s opinion to form her own, because she didn’t know any better. She doesn’t have any experience to back up what she’s going to do, she just has her own gut. And everyone around her is assuming she will just give Drogon up — which is ridiculous for the mother of a child. It’s the biggest risk she’s ever taken in her entire life and there’s that moment of wondering whether the Unsullied are going to respect her. It’s the moment she becomes who she was always destined to be.”

Now that Dany has her army, she just now has to think of the next major tactic which is finding a way to get these Unsullied to King’s Landing and the throne.  Do you think that we are now going to have an opportunity to see Dany as a serious threat for the Iron Throne? If you want to watch a preview for the upcoming “Game of Thrones” episode, you can do so over here.

Photo: HBO

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