The Way Home season 2 spoilers: The new Jacob mystery

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As we do get ourselves prepared for The Way Home season 2 on Hallmark Channel down the road, there are some parts of the mystery that are a little more clear. We now know what happened to Jacob through the lens of knowing where he ends up. This is a character who is back centuries in the past, and this explains further why Kat is the “white witch” that was first seen at the start of the series.

Now that we’ve said that, we know there are some other things to wonder about here, as well. Take, for starters, what is really next for Jacob, and how long Kat could end up being in the past based on what we saw of her in the brief flashback / flashforward / whatever else you want to call it.

Speaking to Insider, here is some of what star Chyler Leigh had to say about all of the big question marks coming up now:

I’m excited about our exploration of the 1800s and what that’s going to look like. And so, for that, I was asked if I had experience riding a horse, and I was like, “Ooh, that’s cool.” But being able to see Jacob where he is and what happened, and find the mystery. But also the mystery of how, who, or what is the pond, really? Who discovered it? Who was that first person that went through there? Where did they go? What did that look like initially? Why is Kat being chased and being called the White Witch, and why does she look so different?

We certainly think that The Way Home season 2 is going to exist across multiple timelines and in the end, we’re more than fine with that. Just think for a moment about all of the different avenues that the writers could explore here! We should have a chance to really see how far Kat is willing to go to protect those that she cares about.

Also, we’re sure that some more revelations are coming in the present. The Way Home is always going to be better when there are many things happening all at once.

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What do you think we are going to see over the course of The Way Home season 2?

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