‘Psych’ season 7, episode 9 preview: How does Juliet move on?

PsychIf you have felt for whatever reason over the past few weeks that “Psych” has suddenly become a little bit too serious, we have a feeling that you are probably going to enjoy the episode airing on Wednesday night. It seems to be taking a more comedic turn, and also giving us a storyline that could further along what happens next between Shawn and Juliet.

Before we get too into that, though, let’s circle back for a minute in order to say that we really feel as though this past episode was one of the best creations in the show’s history. We love to see alternate universes and meta creations, and the writers did a great job seeing the story through two possible scenarios in a way that showed us what Shawn really wants out of his relationship. It was silly at times, but also rather sweet, and it emphasized the heartbreak even more when Jules said at the end that she wants him to move out over his lie.

So for this upcoming episode, Jules has even taken the next step to ensure that Sean does in fact leave: she’s picked up a new roommate on Craigslist. The creepy thing about it? This roommate looks almost identical to her, and it leads towards all sorts of creepy questions as to what in the world this woman could possibly want with her. Of course, Shawn is going to use this as an opportunity to try to get himself back in her good graces; plus, there is a song reference in the promo that is completely hysterical.

Do you think we will see Shawn and Juliet get back together by the end of “Psych” this season? If you want to read some more news related to the show, you can do so over at the link here.

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