The Blacklist season 10 episode 6 spoilers: Vesco’s allegiance

The Blacklist season 10 art

As we prepare ourselves for The Blacklist season 10 episode 6 coming on NBC this weekend, the big Robert Vesco story arc will continue. We know that Reddington’s former mentor ended up paying Wujing a visit at the end of episode 5, and on paper, it seems like he is fully on his side.

Or, is he? Based on some of the images we’ve seen already for this upcoming episode, there are more question marks than there have ever been in regards to Vesco’s true allegiance…

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In some photos for “Dr. Laken Perillos, Part 2,” you can see that Stacy Keach’s character is still meeting with Wujing — possibly to get his next set of orders or to concoct some greater plan. However, in other images it appears as though he is meeting with Reddington. (Note that you can’t see the front of Vesco’s face in the images with James Spader, but it appears to be him.)

The #1 theory we have entering the episode!

We personally think that Vesco and Reddington have concocted a plan where he can be a double agent. Even if Robert is upset at the notion of him working alongside the FBI, isn’t it possible that he will understand if he knows the true reason? The two have so much history, and we also have to remember that Reddington never wanted Vesco imprisoned in the first place. It’s something that he had to do for the sake of Dembe.

Where the risk comes in here is tied a little bit to Wujing. Won’t he think it is strange that Robert came back to him after getting Reddington to confess, and that the Concierge of Crime didn’t kill him? Our fear is that he will know Vesco is a double agent and set him and Reddington both up for something terrible. If that happens, it could take place sooner than you’d think.

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What do you think we’re going to see with Vesco on The Blacklist season 10 episode 6?

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