How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 11: Barney’s daughter!

How I Met Your Father season 2Not only did How I Met Your Father season 2 episode 11 deliver a lot of fantastic moments, it brought us a lot of Barney nostalgia. The return of Neil Patrick Harris was fantastic and while the whole shock-therapy thing was a little too gimmicky, but at the same time, we learned a little bit about where the character is now.

Also, one notable part traced back to the end of the original How I Met Your Mother — the fact that Barney is now a father. It was brought up in the series finale for that show that he had a daughter named Ellie in 2020 (years after he and Robin get divorced), and this show honored that. He also proved rather important in Sophie realizing that she wanted to find her own father — something that Barney also did during the original show’s run.

So why didn’t the writers for the new show reveal even more about the character? Speaking to TVLine, executive producer Elizabeth Berger indicated that they didn’t want to go too far past what Carter Bays and Craig Thomas originally created:

We always want to make sure that we are being true to the mythology — and, hopefully, giving fans of the original little morsels that fill in some of the pieces. But we also do feel like this is a character that holds such a special place in people’s hearts, and this is Carter and Craig’s creation, so if anyone should deep-dive into what’s going on with Barney, they feel like the guys to do it. So, it’s finding that balance of paying tribute and honoring the character, but also not getting wildly specific in ways that don’t really feel appropriate for us to do.

Of course, there are still some hints that we can gather in here about what Barney is doing now, whether it be him being out of New York City and then also him being in an SUV. There are some things that suggest he is evolving, though he also hasn’t completely let go of some of his old habits, either.

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