‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: Has Jillian made another false promise?

JillianAt some point near the end of “Big Brother Canada,” someone probably needs to hand Jillian a snorkel. Why? At this point, she’s probably going to be drowning in her own lies. The teacher (which makes this whole thing even funnier) has thus far blatantly lied to Aneal, to Topaz, to Alec, and to Peter, and she seems to be doing so yet again now.

So who is the unfortunate recipient of her loaded words this time? It’s none other than Andrew, who she is reassuring at this very moment is 100% safe from going home. In reality, we see his odds of being around 25% if he goes on the block and stays there, given that Emmett has already said that he intends to get him out the door. The reasoning why is, ultimately, not particularly smart: Emmett thinks he can beat Gary in all of the challenges, but also that no one will vote for him in the end.

Here’s the flip side to that: if Jillian and Emmett tell enough lies, the jury will be so bitter that they would vote for someone’s pet rock over them to win. Do you think Andrew’s going to cast a vote for either one of them after this? While keeping Andrew around may be more of a risk, we can’t see him being as upset if he is taken out by Emmett at the final four or final three than if he will be if Gary stays in the game longer than him.

Of course, Emmett also realizes that it is better on some level if Gary wins the Veto, since this way, he doesn’t have any blood on his hands at all for sending Andrew home. Maybe this was his motivation for actually helping Gary to cut back on the booze last night … you think?

The feeds could very well be down for most of the day, but if you stay tuned, we’ll be back this afternoon with a look at who the likely all-stars are for this season. Meanwhile, you can also check out some of Gary’s strategy over at the link here.

Photo: Slice

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