‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: How to pit Gary and Talla against each other

EmmettWhile we have criticized many of the players in the “Big Brother Canada” house for not really thinking from a strategic point of view, we have to hand it to Emmett: the man is very smart. He’s let most of the hard decisions fall on Jillian, he’s won competitions when he needs to, and he also happens to be relatively liked by the members of the jury.

Now, he’s come up with what is a pretty great strategy to ensure that Gary, who is now back in the house, does not pull a stunning 180 and decide to start working with Talla and Andrew rather than him and Jillian. What is it? More than really even being a great gamer, Gary seems particularly interested in being a star. He wants the airtime, the fan following, and constant attention of the live feed cameras.

Therefore, Emmett told Jillian this afternoon that his strategy now is to tell Gary that Talla has been the center of attention really ever since he left the game, and that her antics have become the target of great interest from the feed cameras and host Arisa Cox. This could be enough to make him jealous, and pit the two against each other.

Of course, the flip side to this argument is that it could come back to bite Emmett in a pretty terrible way. If Gary figures out what Emmett is trying to do, it could influence him to pull off a great move to get him sent home. We’re still hoping for this to happen, since we’d love to see Talla somehow manage to win the Veto so that Jillian goes home. It’s nothing against her, but it makes for a much more exciting endgame than if the showmance just continues to win everything.

What do you think about Emmett’s strategy here, and do you think it is possible that it will backfire? If you want to read some more about who Emmett really wants out of the house this week, be sure to hit up the link here.

Photo: Slice

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