NBC’s ‘The Office’ season 9, episode 20 preview: First look at ‘Paper Airplane’

The OfficeDid you miss “The Office” on Thursday night? As uneven has the final season has been to this point, we have to say that it has improved quite a bit through the majority of the past ten or so episodes. There are some genuine storylines happening now, and only a small handful of episodes left before we have to say goodbye to all of our favorite characters.

Starting next week, there will be no more repeats, and we begin with a half-hour in “Paper Airplane” that really seems to just be about two things:

1. Whether or not Roseanne Barr’s Carla Fern can actually turn Andy Bernard into some sort of superstar. Our guess? That she is just going to milk him out of every penny he’s worth and then send him on his way.

2. If Jim and Pam can work through their marital problems and move towards the future. We understand that Jim loves his new job in Philadelphia, but he also has to realize eventually that Pam has to get something she wants out of this as well or he’s going to lose her.  She’s already shown in the past that if a relationship isn’t working for her she will end it.

While it’s not featured in the promo, we do also know that Dwight and Angela are going to have a story mixed in here that should bring the two of them closer to their endgame. While we don’t quite know what is going to happen with either one of them, their romantic history and their massive fan following suggests that they will surely not be forgotten if nothing else.

What do you think about this promo, and is there anything that you want to see happen before “The Office” comes to an end? If you want to also check out the latest rumors surrounding Steve Carell and the show’s series finale, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: NBC, video via OfficeTally

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