‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: A Gary surprise and last words from Peter

Big Brother CanadaLast night on “Big Brother Canada,” most of the houseguests were shocked to receive the news that Gary was returning to the game. With that, we assumed almost automatically that he was going to head straight out the door. After all, he’s a competition threat, he’s very sociable, and has had extra time to bond with the members of the jury house.

However, it actually appears now that Gary has an actual shot at staying. Why? Emmett has been so brainwashed into thinking that Andrew will win the game that he’s more desperate to get rid of him, thinking that he can beat Gary in any physical challenge, while Jillian can beat him in any endurance challenge.  Plus, he seems to think that the jury will not vote for a guy who had been previously evicted at the end (which may be true for a few people, but not necessarily all of them).

So long as Andrew doesn’t win the Veto, Gary may stay; otherwise, things are really going to become interesting. The real twist will be if Talla wins the Veto, since that means she will have an opportunity to use it, and then get Jillian out of the game.

Finally, we want to close here with some parting words from Peter Brown, who we already miss in the house. Slice sent us over a brief Q&A with him early this morning, and it included the following quote that suggests that he at one point actually believes that Talla was the target over him:

“Things began to go downhill after Alec left. I felt I was good due to my relationship with Emmett. After Andrew won the POV competition, Jillian was forced to replace him with Talla, which was always part of her plan, however she wavered because she developed an emotional attachment to Talla, which ultimately led to my demise.”

What did you think about Gary possibly staying, and do you miss Peter already? If you want to read some more scoop straight from the house, you can do so over at the link here.

Photo: Slice

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