Euphoria season 3: Has it actually been delayed at HBO?

Euphoria season 2We know that discussing Euphoria season 3 rumors is a great pastime for many and honestly, we get it. This is a show that is controversial in nature, and that’s without even getting into the various stories we’ve heard about the making of the show itself.

Ultimately, we know that regardless of all of that, season 3 will get huge ratings whenever HBO airs it … but that is looking more and more like it is eternally far away. The irony? It has already been more than a year since season 2 premiered and by all accounts, we are still several months away from the start of production.

So has the show actually been delayed? We know that there are people who will say “yes,” given that there were reports that filming was supposed to start last month and that didn’t happen. However, here’s the funny thing: HBO never said that filming was going to begin last month. As a matter of fact, the network has said almost nothing other than the fact that a season 3 is going to happen. They are extremely careful when it comes to sharing information about future plans and for good reason.

(Technically, the only “confirmation” we have of a season 3 premiere date is Zendaya liking a post on Twitter last year suggesting that it would return in 2024 — we still believe that to be the case, but the time-frame now may be a little bit different than first planned.)

If we were to suggest a theory, it is that Euphoria season 3 was originally supposed to air next January; now, it could be the spring or the summer. If that turns out to be the case, luckily there are ways the network can pivot. Remember for a moment that they have The White Lotus, Winning Time, True Detective, and so many other shows coming up — most of them will air this year, and it’s possible The White Lotus could return in January. We’d love to say that House of the Dragon season 2 could fill that spot, but it may not be ready until summer of next year.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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