Snowfall season 6 episode 5: Did Franklin kill Teddy’s father?

Snowfall season 6We knew entering Snowfall season 6 episode 5 on FX tonight that things were going to get especially dark but even still, we’re not sure that we expected that.

Through most of the previews for this episode, we got the sense that Franklin Saint’s next play was, on some level, was going to involve Teddy’s father. He was going to rope in V and her mom to do a delicate operation to ensure that he could get his money and if he didn’t, there would be consequences.

When Franklin finally got on the phone with his adversary at the end of the episode, V and her mom were distracting Teddy’s dad in the other room. Franklin made his demands clear and at first, Teddy acted like he didn’t care. It is clear that he and his father do not have the best relationship in the world but in the end, the character still struggled with what was going to happen. It’s why Teddy told Franklin that even if he wanted to get him the money back, nothing was that simple … and that’s when he killed his father.

We don’t want to sit here and say that killing Teddy’s father is the only brutal thing that Damson Idris’ character has done over the years, and it comes on the heels of Teddy destroying an entire community and creating addicts all for the sake of funding a war and perpetuating violence. He is far from a hero, but do two wrongs make a right? It feels increasingly clear that both Franklin and Teddy are going to face consequences for their actions at some point by the end of the series; it just remains to be seen what some of these consequences are.

The question now is going to be Teddy’s next move, as Franklin indicated strongly that he is going after other people close to Teddy next — and ones he cares about a whole lot more than his old man.

What did you think overall about the events of Snowfall season 6 episode 5?

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