‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: Last-minute campaigning continues

Big Brother CanadaAt this very moment, we’re feeling a little bit of “Big Brother Canada” redux … otherwise known as a houseguest campaigning feverishly to stay in the game, even though no one in the house really seems to be buying it. While last week, the person in question was Alec, this time around we’re talking about his Shield-mate in Peter.

Thus far, Peter has made pitches to everyone with the power to vote, but unfortunately for him the only person with any real motivation to keep him is Emmett, given that there is no way Talla would ever do a move to help him out in the game. Andrew and Talla are close, and Jillian wants to go to the end with Talla if she can’t with Emmett (given that Talla should be easy to beat). Andrew at least acknowledges that Peter has a right to campaign, which is better than everyone in the house mocking Alec last week for trying to fight for a spot in the game he loves.

Peter’s biggest flaws in the game are at this point pretty cut-and-dry:

1. Evicting AJ over Andrew turned out to be a terrible move, and his worst one without a doubt.

2. While we understand that not using the Power of Veto on Topaz was meant to be a way for him to curry favor with the rest of the house, it hasn’t exactly worked out.

3. This is what we’re interested in seeing on Wednesday night: was this Power of Veto Competition something that could have been thrown to Talla? If it was, then we don’t understand why Peter and Andrew didn’t go this route, just so that she would be able to take one of them off the block, and then send Emmett out the door.

Voting is now closed on the returning houseguest twist, and we’re still betting the Gary will be the choice. However, don’t completely rule out Alec (the fresher face) or even AJ, given that some out there were upset about the way in which he was evicted.

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