Virgin River season 5 premiere date: Anything before spring?

Virgin River season 4Are we about to hit an important checkpoint as we get ever closer to a Virgin River season 5 premiere date? You can certainly argue so! Spring is almost here, and with that comes the potential of more news about the future.

As a matter of fact, we feel like we can go a step further here and say that news this spring on the show is guaranteed. After all, we don’t expect Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson to be gone from the streaming service for that much longer! July is the most realistic premiere-date window and with production over since last November, there’s no reason to wait later than that if you’re Netflix.

When you consider all the variables, you can argue that the streamer could actually start promoting the show now, in the final stages of winter … we just don’t think that they are going to.

So what would their reasoning be to wait on the promotion? We don’t think that there is anything insidious or altogether controversial about it; we are just talking about a company has a specific timeline for how they promote things. If you announce news too early, there is a chance that viewers are going to forget about it. Meanwhile, if you do it too late, you’re not giving people a chance to catch up. This is why a two or three-month window works really well for a lot of scripted drama series, and also why they’ll release a trailer three or four weeks before the premiere actually lands.

Rather than hope for more Virgin River news this winter, what we actually hope Netflix does is something that we’ve advocated for in some other forms over time. It makes a lot of sense for them to just work harder to promote the show in a short period. Do cast panels, more video content, and some other fun digital things to build up buzz! We do think it is time to promote this show like the top-tier hit that it seems to be when you look at the data.

Do you think we are going to learn anything more about Virgin River season 5 before the spring?

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