NBC’s ‘The Voice’ review: Warren Stone, Danielle Bradbery shine in battle rounds #2

The VoiceAre you ready for some pretty hilarious irony when it comes to Tuesday night’s “The Voice”? Know this: over the one-hour show, we actually saw more battles per hour than we did in the Monday’s show. There were really six different battles shown over the course of the episode, though we really didn’t get to see three of them at all (which may just be because they sounded pretty boring, based on what we saw). Only three were really featured, and these are the ones we’re going to take an in-depth look at below.

We can’t say that any one of these contestants completely blew us away, but it’s really hard for anyone to do so at this stage of the competition. After all, it’s hard to show artistry when paired with a complete stranger, and the arrangement has to work for both of you. This is really about survival, and trying to get us prepared for what lies ahead.

The battles

Michael Austin vs. Warren Stone (Adam Levine) – Knowing that he probably can’t really do much with multiple country artists on the same team, it of course made sense for Adam to put both of these guys against each other. Even without saying anything, we were almost sure that Warren had this in the bag. Michael’s almost too country, to the point where it gets a little bit corny. Warren just feels a little more natural.

Did anyone notice in here that Warren actually looks like a countrified Olly Murs? We actually think that Michael performed better … but come on, you knew this was coming. Winner: Warren, with no save.

Jeff Lewis vs. Josiah Hawley (Usher) – We’re shocked that these two even made it to the performance, mostly because they broke a pretty huge rule: don’t laugh during rehearsals! These two confident guys were put in their place by their coach in about three seconds. We were actually pretty sure going into this battle that Usher hated Jeff’s guts.

As for the performance itself, this was a little bit of a shouting match set to the tune of “Roxanne,” and while neither was perfect, the results were obvious. Winner: Josiah, with no save.

Caroline Glaser vs. Danielle Bradbery (Blake Shelton) – Danielle spent almost the entirety of the preparation looking like a scared puppy dog, unsure of whether or not she should be treating everything Blake said as gospel. Then, it was like a light bulb went off the moment she went on stage. This was actually a pretty good battle! “Put Your Records On” is not a song with vocal theatrics, but they did as much with it as they could.

Winner: Danielle, but this wasn’t the end. Adam and Usher both made a move to try and steal Caroline, and the Maroon 5 rocker won out with his whole “singer / songwriter” argument.

Who was your favorite singer on “The Voice” tonight? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can read some highlights from the Monday edition of the show over at the link here.

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