‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: Amends and idle chatter

Big Brother CanadaIf there is one word that we can describe the past 24 hours in the “Big Brother Canada” house, it’s this: “yawn.” With most of the real drama over for the time being, the only questions remaining revolve around who is going to turn up following the eviction on Thursday night, and how the other houseguests are going to react to it.

One thing that is worth noting? That the four members of the jury are at least being allowed to see each other, as the show’s official Twitter posted an image of them enjoying some tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches together. The only question that really remains after that is whether or not they have been allowed to talk game; if they have, you have to imagine that this is going to be a pretty substantial advantage.

In going back to the major events inside the house, here is all you really need to know for now:

1. Andrew and Talla are no longer being forced to be servants to everyone else in the game, but they are having to still watch the Emmett / Jillian kissing videos for the rest of the week.

2. Talla and Jillian are keeping up the delusion of the women sticking together, even though they both know that their real alliances are with Andrew and Emmett.

3. Finally, “Tandrew” (as we like to call them) ended up patching up their differences during a conversation late last night … which is good for ensuring that Peter goes home.

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Photo: Slice

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