ABC’s ‘Castle’ season 5, episode 20 review: The Bigfoot brouhaha

CastleOn this season of “Castle” more than any other, we’ve really come to realize one thing about one Richard Castle: the man will actually believing anything. We’ve seen him obsess over outer space, ghosts, conspiracy theories, and just about everything else that can be described as “supernatural,” but on this week’s edition of “Castle” he took on a brand-new myth: Bigfoot.

Specifically, he was convinced that a young woman was murdered by the beast, and that there was evidence pointing to the creature. The signs that Bigfoot was behind it were literal: giant footprints, and the fact that there was a contingent of supposed sightings of the creature in New York City. The problem with these sightings? That there was a $1 million reward being offered up for someone to find Bigfoot, so of course everyone started to see it popping up anywhere and everywhere.

This mystery ended up actually taking Castle and Beckett into the woods, where they did end up encountering a Bigfoot in one way … as in a crazy fanatic (played by Raphael Sbarge of “Once Upon a Time”) dressed up in a suit as a way in which to draw the beast out. There were some classic “Castle” twists and turns moving forward, and a bloody club discovered by this crazy man ended up leading the two to the killer.

When it comes to actually moving forward the “Caskett” relationship or anything else, Monday night’s episode did not accomplish much. However, it was thoroughly entertaining, even if Castle now has to live with the disappointment that there was no actual Bigfoot out there. (Or is there? Insert dramatic music here.)

The only other thing that we learned this week was that Alexis had spent some of her allowance on crowd-funding projects, and it created a nice “aww” moment for the two.

Overall, what was your take on this “Castle” episode? Be sure to share some of your thoughts below, and you can read a little bit more scoop when it comes to this episode over at the link here.

Photo: ABC

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