‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: The house receives some surprise visitors

AndrewWhile the “Big Brother Canada” live feeds have been down for a good bit of the weekend, we have to applaud whoever chose to leave them up for a while on Sunday afternoon. Basically, the houseguests were forced into playing a bizarre sort of game of “freeze,” and we don’t completely understand what the purpose of this was just yet.

The objective of this game here was pretty simple: the houseguests are allowed to do whatever, but when instructed by Big Brother to “freeze,” they must do so and remain that way until told to stop being frozen. First, they were forced to do this while a sumo wrestler and five cheerleaders entered the house at separate times, and while funny, we assume that this was pretty easy to do.

Then, Big Brother really took things up a notch. The next visitor to the house was Andrew’s twin brother Pete, who brought with him some photos of his daughters for Andrew to see. This was almost cruel to make Andrew sit there, welling up in tears, while seeing his brother for the first time in months, but it was also worth it. This is the sort of creativity that we have loved on this show this season; while they have gone overboard with all of the twists, the American show never has these sort of crafty ideas anymore.

We’ll of course update this article later if some more crazy things unfold in the house, so stay tuned.  What do you think about what happened in the house today? Do you think that it is sweet that Andrew saw his brother, or was it just a little bit cruel? Be sure to share your thoughts below, and you can read some more strategy-related scoop from the live feed over at the link here.

Photo: Slice

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