Yellowjackets season 2 premiere spoilers: The Lottie mystery

Yellowjackets season 1The Yellowjackets season 2 premiere is just over two weeks away, and you better believe that we’re all sorts of curious and excited for what’s coming up.

For the sake of this article in particular, why not talk about Lottie? This is a very important character based on what we’ve seen in the past — after all, every clue out there suggests that she could be the Antler Queen! Why not fast-forward to the present for a moment?

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Based on some of the early glimpses you could see of the character within the season 2 premiere, the character is absolutely going to have a serious air of spirituality to her. You can see some of what we’re talking about in a new photo here; while we could be reading into things too much, the character definitely has at least the air of a future cult leader about her. This is something that we should be conscientious of for the time being, given that there are people still practicing some brutal ideas in the present. (Take, for example, that sacrifice that we saw at the end of season 1.)

Simone Kessell of Obi-Wan Kenobi is taking on the role of Lottie within Yellowjackets season 2, and we know already that this is not the only new addition that you’re going to see within this world. After all, you are also going to have a chance to see moving forward Six Feet Under alum Lauren Ambrose, who is taking on the role of Van in the present. Who knows how many more times this character will have cheated death by the time we get to the new season? We certainly think that this has become both her calling card and a certain amount of her identity.

In the past, the biggest tease we can offer is to get set for the cold — and a LOT of it.

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This article was written by Jessica BunBun.

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