Survivor 44 premiere: Maddy Pomilla voted out at crazy Tribal

Survivor 44Through most of the Survivor 44 premiere, we were concerned that someone would be evacuated at any moment. After all, in the early going Bruce was evacuated and after that, we ended up seeing Matthew and Brandon require medical attention at different times.

Yet, there was still a Tribal Council at the end of the episode, one that was attended by none other than the orange tribe Ratu — the one that had Matthew and Brandon. Earlier on in the episode Brandon found an immunity idol via the birdcage twist, and after he needed medical attention during the challenge, he was worried that he would have to use it.

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This was an interesting predicament about the Ratu Tribe, since Matthew and Brandon both had their limitations. Yet, Lauren may have made a mistake in how she lied about her Bank Your Vote advantage — Matthew got that information from one of the other players in the game. Lauren was a huge threat because of what she had, but so was Brandon thanks to the idol.

Then, Jaime all of a sudden decided to play her Shot in the Dark at Tribal Council. Why in the world would you do that? There was so much paranoia — Jaime lost her vote and then, from there, Lauren banked hers. Then, Matthew played HIS Shot in the Dark!

What actually happened?

Well, Jaime becomes the first person in the history to actually use the Shot in the Dark effectively. Then, Brandon went ahead and used his idol. What a mess. It was the right move for Brandon to make, and he was the only person who had the power. He voted for Maddy and that was it — she’s gone from the game thanks to just one vote.

What a crazy start to the game … and we’re enjoying much of what we have so far.

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