‘Big Brother Canada’ live feed spoilers: The original eviction plan

Big Brother CanadaLast night in the “Big Brother Canada” house, the Power of Veto winner and the nominations were revealed; however, what we are learning now is that not everything may have went completely according to the Head of Household’s plan. (Warning: the following does contain spoilers.)

As it turns out, Peter probably would have stayed in the house for another week were it not for Andrew winning the Veto. He and Peter were originally the two people on the block, with the oldest person in the house being the actual target. Why? Andrew is close to Talla, and wants to do what he can to keep her in the game; meanwhile, he’s also a pretty good competitor, and even if you take the Head of Household that Alec threw to him out of the equation, he does have an HoH win and two Vetoes under his belt, as well. Peter, meanwhile, was more open to taking Jillian to the final two, and has only won a pair of Veto Competitions.

Unfortunately for him, we don’t see there being really any way at all for him to survive on the block against Talla. She’s just so weak in the challenges that there’s no way that we see her managing to evict either Jillian or Emmett, and she’s also someone who no one in the jury house would vote for.

What Jillian and Emmett don’t realize, though, is that there is another person (likely Gary or Alec) returning to the game, and they would be smart to try and take the showmance down. As much as Gary would want revenge on Andrew for evicting him, he and Talla aren’t the same threats that Jemmett poses to the grand prize.

As for the action in the house this morning, Andrew and Talla have already endured their morning punishment as a result of the Have / Have-Not Competition, which includes them having to sit around and watch ten minutes of Jemmett make-out footage.

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