‘The Vampire Diaries’ season 4, episode 19 preview: Candice Accola, Kat Graham’s chat

Candice AccolaEven though there are some pretty serious events unfolding on “The Vampire Diaries” right now in between Silas being on the loose and the possibility of dead people rising again, some of our residents in Mystic Falls are trying to still do everything that they can in order to be normal. With that in mind, we present the sneak peek below for Thursday night’s “Pictures of You” that is all about Candice Accola’s Caroline trying to put on the best face that she can despite the multitude of absolutely horrible things happening to her time and time again.

First of all, Caroline is still intent on referring to Tyler Lockwood as her boyfriend even though the man has completely flown the coop, and her plan now is to have a “friend prom” of sorts with both Bonnie and Matt at her side. On the surface, it certainly seems like a fun time, right? Well, the problem with this is simply that for whatever reason, nothing on “The Vampire Diaries” ever seems to really unfold in the way in which it should. School dances, more often than not, have been the worst.

Almost on cue, Caroline’s dress party is ruined by the arrival of Rebekah along with a certain character played by Nina Dobrev. Is it Elena or Katherine? Given that there is no Britta Perry “things got real” streak in her hair, we’re guessing that it’s Katherine, but either way Caroline wants nothing to do with her given what has transpired between the characters as of late. The sad thing? Even Caroline’s prom dress holds bad memories, since Elena helped to pick it out months prior.

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Photo: The CW

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